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About Me

About me



Growing up in a family where both parents were professional musicians, I’ve always had a deep affinity with music. My earliest influence was Neil Finn. As a 4 year old, I knew every word, head twist and instrumental to Crowded House’s Opera House concert. Music was a hobby for me throughout childhood, but I turned to song writing in a much more profound way at 19 years old. Going through a bout of depression and anxiety following a severe sports injury, I realised that communicating through song writing was my great passion, and ever since that age I have dedicated myself to the task of becoming a great singer-songwriter. I am now 23, and more committed than ever to a career in music. I take the initiative with expanding my skillset, and look to collaborate and learn from as many experts in the industry as I can. A personal highlight here was when I was able to workshop one of my original songs one on one with Berklee professors Pat Pattison and Bonnie Hayes. I am also currently a finalist for QMusic’s Billy Thorpe Scholarship 2018. 

Having learnt guitar since the age of 10, I am a veteran performer despite my young age. In my quest to become a great performer I have played hundreds of shows, and every kind of show imaginable- solo or band, original songs or covers, bustling bars or empty rooms, large festivals, corporate shows, charity events, house parties, talent shows, on the radio and more. I most commonly now perform original music with a backing band and you can find me playing venues around Brisbane such as The Zoo, The Foundry, The Bearded Lady, Black Bear Lodge and more. 

I am currently enrolled in my final year of JMC Academy’s Contemporary Music and Song Writing degree. I have enjoyed my time at JMC, consistently achieving high grades, and winning their two national song writing competitions. The first win in 2016 allowed me to partake in APRA’s ‘50 Songs in 5 Days’ writing camp at Studios 301 in Sydney, where I co-wrote songs with ARIA winning and GRAMMY nominated acts. The second competition win in November 2017 gave me a spot at the ‘International Writer’s Camp’ in the Netherlands, where I teamed up with students from 18 countries around the world to write and pitch songs to publisher and label personnel from BMG/Talpa, Sony, Armada and others, who represented artists such as DJ Tiesto and Alicia Keys. 

I hope to make 2018 biggest year yet, with the release of my debut E.P set for the middle of the year. 

What Inspires Me



I have a dream to share my music with the world. 

For me, music is more than a pass time. Writing songs is my way of connecting with the world. But it wasn’t always that way. Since I was 5 years old, I wanted to be a soccer player. I was obsessed. Soccer was the cornerstone of my identity. I even went and played overseas in England and China! Then when I was 18, I had a major injury. Misdiagnosed twice, I spent a total of 2 years struggling to recuperate from my back problems and watching my dreams slip away. Any injured athlete knows it is a lonely time, and I fell out of contact with my teammates, and my friend circle diminished. For 2 years I felt directionless, life felt meaningless and despite my family’s encouragement, I began to battle anxiety and depression. 

I didn’t have any friends to pass the time with or talk to, but I still felt I had so much to say. Looking to pass the time I picked up our old guitar, and began to write songs. I missed the adrenaline and excitement that came with playing soccer, but managed to replace it- somewhat- by busking in my local supermarket car park. The thrill of playing songs in front of people led me to apply for gigs, and I've been playing shows ever since.

I also dedicate my time to my family, volunteering at my local animal shelter and helping the disadvantaged in our community. From a young age I've always had a deep empathy for those who have less, and I have a strong sense of fairness. A big part of what drives me is the impulse to right wrongs I see in the world, through music and other means. 

All of this has led me to this point. I feel ready to take the next step. These past few years haven’t been a cake walk for me, I still struggle with anxiety, I fell in unrequited love with a girl and of course being a student musician sometimes there have been money problems but, there’s a difference now. Where before there were just emotions, now I have songs! Songs when I’m happy, sad, angry, afraid. Like stamps in time, like a comforting hug. These past few years may not been easy for you either! But the best part is, song writing has shown me that I’m not going through these problems alone. If my song resonates with you, it gives us both a sign that we aren’t alone in our experiences. This is my goal in life, to write music to give anyone who needs it, the feeling that we are part of something bigger. That we aren’t alone, and that makes me happy.  

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